Monday, May 24, 2010

KFC mumbo-jumbo

I will confess, I have a major soft spot for KFC. No, I have not tried the Double Down, (I do value my cholesterol level), but when someone says fried chicken to me, I think KFC.

Saw this recent sub-section on an Ad Age piece about yet another re-launch announcing yet another new tag-line for KFC, "So Good".

" Mr. Benito said the tagline is the result of the combined efforts of Ogilvy, Sydney; Bartle Bogle Hegarty, London; and DraftFCB, Chicago. The tagline emerged in focus groups, when lapsed customers tasted the product and said, "It's so good." But in addition to tapping nostalgia, it also provides an umbrella that works for promoting grilled chicken, crispy fried strips or a value meal.

The chain is, moreover, shifting its focus from a "demographic to a psychographic," Mr. Benito said. Eating a bucket of chicken has always been a group activity, he said, so now KFC is reaching out to "socially connected people who are trans-generational." That means a teen on Facebook or her mother who reads blogs." "

 I don't know where to begin on unpacking this. Work born out of committee perhaps? The social aspect of a bucket of chicken? Trans-generational? Oy-vey!

You know what, pushing a chain as big as KFC can't always be easy. I hope this 5th new direction for KFC in 5 years works out, but reading this article, I am not hopeful.

I'm off to try and find a Tower Zinger Burger, still the greatest fast food invention ever.